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BCT is the ultimate online college football community.

BCT isn’t for just one team; it’s for every major college team that’s why it’s the ultimate online college football community.

We love everything about college football; the game, the players, the cheerleaders, the beers, the brats, and the mascots.  We love the parties, the bean dip, quarters, red cups, big hits, and the BCS–OK we hate the BCS. But we love the Tailgate Kings that rock the tailgate. Louisiana tailgate food, bands, and arriving at the game 5 hours early!  We love the tradition, the ivy, the Crystal Ball, the legends, the heroes, and those co-eds.  We love that college football makes every Saturday in fall the best day ever. We love everything about college football and that is why we created Best College Tailgate.

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  • We rank the Top 10 Kings of the Tailgate, best tailgate schools and the top college hang outs in the country.
  • Original blog post on everything college football from the games to the tailgates,
  • Group pages are customized for each school team to give you links to all the best blogs about your team and conference.


This is your college football site for the things that matter to you!

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